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Social Space

Since 2010 Admoni has experimented with different forms of hosting projects and events such as opening his studio for collaborative work, creating a long series of DIY performance events, forming and curating an art & design festival and eventually founding and directing an artist residency.

Admoni have always seen hosting as a form of activism and a way to create a much needed communal space outside of the common business-consumer relationship of the artistic, cultural fields. This form of organising social spaces have been with the intention to create  a non-hierarchical space that takes a stand against oppression and discrimination. Thus while putting  an emphasis on a peer to peer approach that influences the way collaborators, participants and guests interacted with each other and gave an opportunity to work and show work in a more supportive atmosphere.





Working Utopias Sympósion - Ufer Studios, Berlin - 26 Oct 2018

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