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abOut betOnest

betOnest was the initiative of Yoav Admoni, which gave birth to the project with the incredible Natalie Rosen.

Later joined Coral Short and Caitlin Fisher which were a driving force and a fundamental part of shaping and growing betOnest as an art project and a transient community.

betOnest was an artist residency in Germany, located in a former cement factory in the village of Stolpe/Oder. It has opened it's doors in November 2016 and has closed them in September 2018.

It was rural, raw and epic. A pre-post apocalypse haven for aspiring artists.

betOnest committed to flexibility, opened its arms to embrace the uncertain state of things. We were working to realize our plans unknowing where it will lead us and how long we have together in that space along the canal.  

We played seriously with concepts of alternative ways of living and creating, hoping to generate a sustainable platform for the merging process of the two. 

We offered space and time for artists of all fields to experience themselves with temporary self-made abundance and experiment how does that effect their creative practice and well being.

artist residency in Germany
artist residency in Germany
artist residency in Germany
dining room
indoor decoration



betOnest hosted two kind of residencies :

Open residency

The Open Residency - an ongoing year round open call for independent artists. 

cOncrete  residency

The cOncrete residency- a theme oriented month long residency centered around a specific concept.

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