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What's to Come

by Asaf Aharonson


This work is looking at the stage event as a scattered event. Manifested through a scenography of blackouts, the work creates an image-based experience that is broken in its linearity. It is inspired by the book Eros the Bittersweet where the writer Anne Carson traces the phenomenon of Eros in Ancient Greek poems.

German premiere 2018:

CHOREOGRAPHY: Asaf Aharonson
PERFORMANCE: Yoav Admoni, Asaf Aharonson, Cécile Bally, Marc Gabriel, Louise Trueheart
COSTUMES: Kim Tetelbaum, Nadav Svetlof
LIGHT: Nadav Barnea

Israeli premiere 2016:

CHOREOGRAPHY: Asaf Aharonson

PERFORMANCE: Yoav Admoni, Asaf Aharonson, Bar Altaras, Zohar W.Kalman, Matan Afik

 COSTUMES: Kim Tetelbaum, Nadav Svetlof

LIGHT: Nadav Barnea


by Mor Demer


Oscillations is a joint universe of solitude, a performance for three bodies becoming a collective body that is excessively human, and as such, never fully human. Expanding upon Demer’s ongoing artistic research into human's processes of partnership, attachment and transformation, Oscillations offers us a proposal to inhabit fresh expressions of cohabitation, intimacy, affect and affection. Somehow we’re alive at the same time.

Choreography: Mor Demer
With and By: Yoav Admoni, Yuli Kobvasnian & Mor Demer
Scenography: Yoav Admoni
Costume Design: Kim Taitelbaum

With the support of:
exerce ICI-Centre Choregraphique National Montpellier (FR),
Mifhal Ha’pais (IL), pOnderosa Movement & Discovery (DE), Kelim Centre (IL)

Etude for Body

and Control

by kim Teitelbaum and

Moran Yitzhaky Abergel


"An Etude for Body & Control"- a piece for five dancers and two musicians began with a deep interest in the relationship between the body/soul and the 'Mind'.

When the concept of mind is both the physical organ itself and the culturally shaped ontological space human share.

Choreography: Moran Yitzhaky Abergel and Kim Teitelbaum

Dancers: Carmel Bar, Nitay Juran, Yoav Admoni, Moran Yitzhaky Abergel and Kim Teitelbaum.


Musicians: Yaniv Schonfeld and Avigail Immanuel



by Julia Gladstone &

Yoav Admoni


Developed and performed during PORCH

Choreography module, Ponderosa, Germany


yoav admoni
mor demer
julia gladstone
yuli kovbasniain
micheál rowsome

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