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Rock Texture

Cuttings is a new art studio focused on the messier sides of art production, specifically material-based practices. 

It offers a rotational and functional use of the space while providing stable workstations for several artists.

In the studio, various art workshops aimed at professional and non-professional audiences will be led by the Cuttings artists and invited guests.

Cuttings will foster and be a supportive space for DIY, local, artistic, and political actions, A meeting point for skill sharing, knowledge creation, and info circulation.

We cherish this opportunity of founding a new space in Berlin's present real estate scarcity and wish to provide as much access as possible to individual and collective projects that need such space to work and gather. 

Cuttings has space for 4 long-term studio spots at the price of 280€ a month, and 5 rotational studio spots for 100€ a month each. The rotational artists are invited to use the space and its facilities on a free-space basis. 


Cuttings atelier location is Hannemannstraße 30, 12347 Berlin

It is 450 meters away from  Ubahn Blaschkoallee

It is on the ground floor with a 2 steps entry, door width of 90cm

To reach the toilets there are additional 5 steps, door width 70cm, the toilet door is 62cm

*message us for any access needs

Up coming weekly classes and events

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