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Web Design

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I have been building websites on website building platforms for 9 years, first for myself and for my projects and in the past 2 years I have been creating websites for artists and organisations I support or involved with. When I am building a website I aim to have a virtual place that the artist/organisation feels is a good and accurate representation of them. It is often an ongoing process to find together the best layout, navigation system and aesthetics.
My fees range between 500-1500 euro depending on the size of site and complexity of work.
The work consists of:
Organising the information into categories and sections
Developing specific aesthetics for the site as a whole (if needed develop different aesthetics for different categories)
Designing the navigation system of the site
Designing the Home page layout
Designing each category page layout (if needed sub-menus for different categories)
Keeping an open and flowing conversation with the artist/organisation towards a satisfying site
Publishing the website
Make an SEO plan so the site appears on google search
Connect the site to social media

As an artist myself I know this process can be  challenging, asking how we represent ourselves in the virtual world can be a difficult question to answer. I am interested in this process as a collaboration between us when we feel we can go on this journey together

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