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Rocks of Dispute

Mekudeshet Festival


Rocks of Dispute is a site-specific performance made for the 2016 'Mekudeshet' Festival ,'Irhur' event at the Van Leer institute, Jerusalem.

It is a panoramic view of the rock as a fundamental symbol of the city, Jerusalem.

The performance was consisted of 5 parts referring to 5 main metaphoric realms:

Nature, Architecture, Violence, Monuments and  Archeology.

Rocks of Dispute consisted of 2 separate routs for the performers and the audience. The audience were guided by Admoni's voice projected into individual earpieces, reciting quotes regarding the rock in poems, theory and religious texts.

Concept, Choreography, Text: Yoav Admoni
Dramaturgical support: Kim Teitelbaum

Performers: Kim Teitelbaum, Tamar ben Cnaan, Bar Altaras, Asaf Aharonson, Mor Demer

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