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Plant Migration

Plant Migration is a performance  made  in June 2014

as part of the trilogy 'A Threesome with Nature'


In Tijuana/San-Diego I created a camouflage suit made of an invasive water plant that I connected to a water-proof fishing suit. I walked, disguised as a giant reed, through the Tijuana river in Mexico towards the border with the United States.
I began my performance at the Zona ecologica Alamar , one of the last green areas in Tijuana. This area has been disputed in recent years since it is under constant threat to be channelized. A local initiative named Alamar sustainable is fighting to protect the area as a public environmental zone. I walked in the water, following the change from a 'natural' water path to the concrete channel that holds the Tijuana river water. At the last moments of Plant Migration I crossed the border between Mexico and the United States, a border marked as a yellow line on the concrete basin. Through a short encounter with the American border police I was ordered to walk back into Mexico, where I have left the reed suit.
Through this performance I wished to experience on my body so-called contradictions such as the natural/artificial, the human-made boundaries colliding with natural system and to refer to bioregional politics and the subject of immigration between the two states.  

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