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Field Mattress

Field Mattress is a visual translation of the public actions I have done in Mostar in May 2013.

Searching to repeat the symbolic sensetaion I had sleeping on top of Mostar I have constructed through collaboration with Tlalit Segal Rayoni a minature view of Mostar created from different fabrics and functioning as a field mattress. Aiming to transsport a specific time and space, using the tent as the object that once negotiated my body to the natural landscape and now presents the city's territory to the cultural environment of the gallery.

I am looking to reintreduce the intimate relationship one can have with a landscape and flip the roles between the tent and the camping site.

In the viewmaster outside the tent there are images from my performance in Mostar called Bodeis of Water where I served as the missing link between the Neretva river and the so called lake fountain in the Partisan monument.


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