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Circular Pilgrimage 

Circular Pilgrimage is a performance made in Jerusalem, (Israel/Palestine) in March 2014. as part of the trilogy 'A Threesome with Nature'

For this performance I sculpted a stone shaped backpack, a fusion of the image of Sisyphus, a working ant and a hiker. I walked the 42 km  of the official Jerusalem trail. The walk was  divided into two days, where in the middle I camped on the site of the Ammunition Hill, a monument for the 6 days war that "unified" Jerusalem in 67.
Through Circular Pilgrimage I was looking to question the special relationship the Jewish people have to the land, reinforced by Jewish diaspora long lasting culture , and to  reflect on the new and more problematic relationship of Israel to the land which is a political discourse  and mechanism manifested through the poetic realm of the bible under the title of national Zionism.   
The image of the stone-land backpack is inspired by the idea to travel with the most basic necessity of people, especially in this region, the Land. Implementing an anxiety around the possession of land, Resembling the image of the myth of Sisyphus I hoped to associate punishment and unfortunate (eternal) destiny.
Performing the absurdity of tying yourself  to a piece of land and the way we carry our land as a burden.
It is a process of deconstructing the Zionist dream of conquering the land or maybe to wake to a nightmare of being occupied by the land. How it turns from a foundation of growth to a burden.

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