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Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water is a performance made in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina in June 2013 and May 2014

and it became the first part of the trilogy 'A Threesome with Nature' 

In this performance I have served as the missing link between the Neretva river that crosses the city of Mostar to the "lake" fountain located in the Partizan monument built in 1965 by the architect Bogdan Bogdanovic.

The fountain and the whole monument were destroyed in 1992, renovated and destroyed again in 2005 and has been abandoned ever since. 

Bodies of Water was conceived under an international project named City Lab Mostar.

I entered the river, wearing  fishing waders, thus filling myself with water which accumulated around my feet and legs. Carrying the water, I walked through the city towards the Partisan monument lake, there, letting the weight of the water overcome me, I fell forward. The fall released and deployed the water I carried into the dead fountain.

It felt like tracking dots in the air, marking lines on a map till they become pathways, till I carve sense in carrying water from the river to the lake, till it becomes necessary to fall down in the empty lake wearing a green uniform and have liquid leave your body as you fall.  Mostar-  with its forgetting of itself, with its left over minefields, nature as danger, past and present. Monumental ruins inhabit the lost souls of the partisans and the homeless, decaying slowly, growing wild, hiding themselves in a forgotten futuristic city. The city of the dead as Bogdanović only dared to dream of.

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